I live in Canada, eh?  I am extremely lucky to live in such a wonderful country.  I live in the beautiful province of British Columbia.  If you have never been here I would suggest a visit, it is pretty well mountains from one side to the other interspersed with great valleys.  I live in downtown Vancouver, with ocean and mountains all around me.  I have been around for more than a few years, but not so long that I don’t still have a lot of living to do.  I learn something new about myself and this world every moment.  I try to keep my life very simple, or at least as simple as possible.  I am always striving to find myself and to be the best me that I possibly can.  I undertook this blog to have an outlet for my ideas, writings and photos.  It is a snapshot of this moment in my life.  I write it for myself but I hope there is something it for others too.  Take care and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey bird man. Just the bird brained here sending a shout out to you. My kid is getting a kick out of your photos.

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