The sun sinks low in the western sky,
majestic trees are afire;
in every breath hello and goodbye,
no matter what we may desire…

Salmon tinged waves crash the shore,
from the open azure sea;
one could never ask for any more,
than your sublime company…

Couples sit on logs abandoned on the beach,
waiting for the magic of the setting sun;
suspended time will no longer reach,
aspirations that are on the run…

In the tiny grains of sand,
all of the worlds wisdom rests;
and I yearn to hold your steady hand,
and the waves of my heart crest…

Perhaps the universe will smile in kind,
and fill in that empty space;
and someday we will both find
that other time and that other place…

The moon carried my dreams,
of your world I longed to travel;
but much farther that all now seems,
and the legend will further unravel…

And on uplifting wings I now can fly,
fueled by the smile that lights up your angelic face;
There is still a bright sliver of moon in the morning sky,
And soon the sun will take its place…

Even the best of tales will one day conclude,
as the chapters we have lived mount;
but to the last page of this story I am glued,
and our inner fears we will one day surmount…

For time does not keep us prisoner,
and our rapture will grow and one day run free;
an eternity apart we can endure,
and still return to our land of milk and honey…

I will ever marvel as I trace every single stride,
with pure beauty in my heart;
of all those lavished hours you were by my side,
no great distance will keep us apart…

As time begins counting down,
for the story that remains untold;
Will the narrative remain unfound?
of what may the pages ahead still unfold…

already it has transformed my life unquestionably,
and for countless secrets we’ve found the key…

And my fancy of you will ever take flight,
on any calm and still starry, starry night…


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