You leave me mute,

Though my tongue is never unsure…

You elevate me

When my feet are fused to the ground;

If you I should touch

I would instantly combust,

Into ash and into dust….

Your smile electrifies every inch of my skin,

And turns my nerve ending to cinders;

Your eyes see right through this thunderous din…

And my dissolved resolve is the tinder…

And descend

And descend

And descend

I float on the most peaceful of bliss…

To never forget a night such as this…

The playwrights sat in upon my dreams;

And the performers aced all of the scenes…

Not a detail was missed,

Nor a line dropped;

Mysterious dewy mist,

Can never be topped.

Simply nirvana…


2 thoughts on “For some things words are inadequate…

  1. thanks…that means a great deal coming from an accomplished wordsmith such as yourself…it was inspired by the connection from my pist “starry, starry nights”…I will pist more over the coming weeks..

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