Time is On My Side…

One of the challenges for me is when I am writing I just want to get everything out of me all at once.  So I could spend all day here writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas.  I have to be patient as this is a life long journey and there will always be lessons I have learned and thoughts to share.  I will just have to make notes and put down my thoughts when I can.

I have always been comfortable with writing.  I can express myself so much more fully and completely in writing.  One of the other aspects of my life I am now working on is actually expressing myself through talking to others.  Saying what is on my mind rather than keeping it inside and not expressing it, or going away and writing it instead.  I have this tremendous aversion to confrontation (except while playing hockey), unless it is a subject I am really passionate about.  I don’t really know where that comes from, but it is certainly something I will explore.  There have been times I have sacrificed my own well-being or even principles to avoid a tense situation.  That isn’t healthy for me and only inevitably causes me distress.  So that will be a change I will be making.  I will now be saying what I believe I need to say.  There are respectful ways to get your point across without compromising yourself.  It is definitely an art and one it will take me some time to acquire.  So in the start I may do it poorly, but one cannot learn without practice.  I just have to recognize those times I don’t do it well and improve upon them as well as apologize for those shortcomings when required.  That said not everything needs to be said or expressed, there are times you can let things slide as their impact is very minimal.

“We emphasize straightforwardness.  You should be true to your feelings, and to your mind, expressing yourself without reservations.  This helps the listener to understand more easily.”Shunryu Suzuki

One thing I believe dearly is that whatever is important to us in our lives we will find the time for.  If we cannot find the time for something or someone it is either that something or someone else is more important to us, or that this someone or something isn’t really that important to us.  If you do find it is important to you find the time and make the honest effort.  You will never be sorry for doing so, but you may be sorry for not doing so.  You certainly wouldn’t want someone to be making a half-assed effort towards you.  If they did you wouldn’t value them much nor would you be willing to put too much into them yourself.  It is really  important that your actions follow your words.   Though I believe it is even more important that your words follow your actions, for actions have the most impact.  It is the actions of others we are more apt to remember than the actual words that they said during the moment.

“When you do something , you should be completely involved in it.  You should devote yourself to it completely. “Shunryu Suzuki


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