On The Road To Nowhere…

Okay here we go.  This blog is written about me and for me.  It’s a document of my journey through this life.  Like it, dislike it, follow, don’t follow all is good.  Please share your thoughts and opinions on what I write if you like.  I’d appreciate the flow of ideas, discussion and different perspectives.  Keep it constructive, my place my rules.  I will post philosophies or ideas I am contemplating or find interesting or that come to me on my many walks and hikes.  They can be from anywhere.  I will share books that have influenced me and the ideas that have shaped my exploration of myself.  I will also share photos of the beautiful city I live in.  Perhaps I may even share some of my writings.  Mostly I will be documenting my existence and giving myself something to look back upon.  If others get something out of it all the better.  As they say all journeys begin with a first step.  So here goes, I just hope I don’t step in it with that first step.

This is ultimately just my journey.  This wisdom is mine.  I have realized over time that wisdom really only works for ourselves.  Though we can share it with others it may have a significant meaning to them, or little or no meaning at all.  That is fine.  They must discover their own path and wisdom.  This isn’t a blueprint for anyone else, it’s just an ever changing sketch of my own life.  A map of my journey which will be filled in with more depth and detail over time.

I am pretty well just another soul in this world trying to figure out where I fit in the grand scheme of things.  I do a lot of reading both fiction and nonfiction and then I reflect upon what has been revealed.  So to quote the song from “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” it’s time to put one foot in front of the other.  If the Winter Warlock can do it, so can we all.

“Only write from your own passion, your own truth. That’s the only thing you really know about, and anything else leads you away from the pulse.”
Marianne Williamson


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