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Ooh Ohh Feeling Good Mama, Painted Ladies and A Bottle of Wine Mama…

I have always held great admiration for those  of you out there who have the talent to draw or paint living in your fingers and mind.  It is such an amazing gift being able to visually represent the images you can conjure in your head.  This is a talent I don’t personally possess.  Though that doesn’t mean at some time I won’t give it a shot anyway.  We’ll see what the future holds.

There are some artists who speak to me in there works.  The one artist’s works I absolutely adore is Van Gogh.  I love the simplicity of them and their deep complexity.  The vibrant colours and his choice of subjects.  The man created some of the greatest beauty in this world all the while fighting the demons in his head.  I also love his self portraits, what a skill to be able to create a representation of yourself.  I would highly recommend reading “Lust for Life” by Irving Stone which tells his life story.  The man led a pretty tragic existence, especially in his early years as when he was a preacher in Belgium.  Though what a time to live in Paris and spend time in the group of his contemporaries at the time.  This was a man who was consumed by his work.  Whenever I have had the pleasure to view his works I have stood in awe of them.  Here is a man who couldn’t sell more than one work in his lifetime that the entire world is still revering 300 years later.  I also have reverence for Picasso and Dali.

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Is there anybody out there???

One may speak about anything on earth with fire, with enthusiasm, with ecstasy, but one only speaks about oneself with avidity.

The masses always end up wholeheartedly believing and following those individuals whom they themselves mock, individuals whom theycurse and persecute, but individuals who, not fearing their curses or their persecution, continue steadily forward, having fastened a spiritual gaze on the only goal such individuals can see

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

I had a conversation today about putting yourself out there in the world.  It was something I was going to write about anyway so I’ll push this one up a bit.  It is funny that we are reluctant to put our real selves out there for the world to see.  We often let parts of ourselves out, but most of us have different personas that we adopt in different parts of our worlds.  We have work us, home us, public us and perhaps others.  It becomes harrowing to try and maintain so many different types of ourselves.  It is the fear of being vulnerable and that is a tough fear to overcome.  It clashes with our survival instinct, but that base instinct was developed when our threats were more physical and less social in nature.  After all, our ancestors didn’t deal with strangers often and lived in stable communities, with extended families and spending a great deal more time in nature.  We’ve gotten very far away from that.

Occasionally though we run into people who are just themselves and we either admire them for that or think they are bat shit crazy.  I guess that depends on if we like their personalities or not.  I think this is a sad reflection on our current society where image is so sacred, and especially the “right” type of image.  The thing is that image is decided by marketers, people trying to sell you something or sell you a lifestyle.  It is reinforced by television and movies where at the end everything wraps up nicely with some sort of moral lesson contained within.  Even sitcoms and cartoons have the same overall theme.  Generally no matter how tragic the situation everyone is saved at the last second, or has a ground-breaking realization that brings it all together.  The bad guy is generally caught or punished and it is mostly based upon some sort of religious doctrine or theme.  Let’s face it American entertainment and marketing influence our world greatly and they are still a very religious society in comparison with other industrialized societies.

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Oooh you make me live, you’re my best friend…

Ah friendship, the calm bay we can set anchor no matter how fierce the storm.  These are the people we choose to be in our lives.  They are the shoulders we cry on; the bringers of laughter and smiles; the fount of wisdom we nourish ourselves from; the mirror we look into; the light in the darkness and so much more.  Our lives would be bereft without them.  Some come and go and others make themselves at home and stay for a lifetime.  Each one no matter how small can have an impact on our lives.  Most times that impact is positive and uplifting, but from time to time it can also wreak devastation.  That just goes to show how important they can be to our lives.

In this regard my life has been blessed and I count those blessings every minute.  I have made many a friend over the years.  They come from a litany of backgrounds and places; they have all kinds of personalities and quirks.  I love them all for those idiosyncrasies that make them exactly who they are.  I spent a lot of my youth in a small city on the prairies, good ol’ Lethbridge.  It was the kind of place where everyone knew your business, even if you didn’t know them personally.  That kind of place could drive a good person over the edge; it certainly did the bad ones (perhaps it was that infernal wind).  It was the kind of place that cultivated boredom if you weren’t careful.  In amongst all of that prairie small town conformity was a group of very individualistic and creative souls.  I was lucky enough to meet and befriend a great deal of them.  I suppose the same could be said of many towns and cities across our country, continent and world.  That tradition followed me back to my home town on the great west coast.

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